Gaddafi’s glam daughter-in-law ‘ploughs 4×4 into police’ in road rage rampage

Colonel Gaddafi’s daughter-in-law has been accused of ramming her off-road car into police and pedestrians in a road rage attack.

Aline Skaf is the 41-year-old wife of 45-year-old Hannibal Gaddafi – who is one of the sons of late Lybian dictator Muammar Gaddafi who was captured and killed in October 2011.

According to Arabic news reports, Ms Skaf is being hunted by Syrian security after witnesses reported her driving her 4×4 into crowds in Damascus, Syria.

It is suggested she flew into a rage after cops pulled her over for a traffic violation, with the ex-model crashing into three policemen and two members of the public before she was stopped.

Further reports suggest gunfire was heard coming from another vehicle that was escorting Ms Skaf’s car, while she is said to have been ushered away by a sympathetic fan before police could formally arrest her.

UK based Arabic news site Asharq Al-Awsat reports that authorities are searching for Ms Skaf following the incident.

They write: “An official directive has been issued by security forces in Damascus to arrest the daughter-in-law of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who has been accused of deliberately running over policemen and pedestrians in the Syrian capital on Sunday night.”

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The news site reported of anger in Syria over social media messages that suggest a local helped Ms Skaf escape arrest.

They claim: “An unknown influential figure in Syria personally intervened to disperse internal security forces that surrounded the crime scene at the Chiekh Saad neighborhood, where Skaf rammed into three policemen and two civilians in a four-wheel drive vehicle.”

While one angry local is quoted by the outlet stating: “No one cares for the innocent victims, all that matters is that Gaddafi’s daughter-in-law remains happy that there is someone to support her.”

Ms Skaf’s husband, Hannibal, is the fifth son of dead dictator Colonel Gaddafi.

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When his father’s regime collapsed in 2011, Hannibal fled to Oman where he was granted asylum.

Colonel Gaddafi’s eldest son, Mohamed, also fled to Oman – as did his daughter, Aisha, who was also granted asylum in the country.

Two of the dictator’s other sons, Khamis and Said al Arab, were killed during the 2011 Syrian civil war.

While his other son, Saadi, world in Italian football before fleeing to Niger during the Lybian civil war – and was eventually extradited back to Lybia in 2014.

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