Hungry monkeys break into homes to steal food as pandemic stops tourist trade

A homeowner's CCTV has captured the moment three wild monkeys broke into her home and started eating her food.

Primates in Thailand often rely on the food and litter of tourists to eat but, since the coronavirus pandemic, the tourism trade has grounded to a halt.

Footage, taken by Laksika, from the Ratchaburi province in central Thailand, has now shown how they have resorted to raiding people's homes.

Laksika thought a thief had entered her house when she returned home to see a mess in the kitchen last Tuesday, December 29.

She pulled up the CCTV and saw three unruly macaques climbed inside through a veranda that was left open.

The clip shows two primates rummaging for food on a table in a common area.

A third monkey staying by the stairs wanders around the floor and invites itself into one of the bedrooms.

Laksika said the animals left orange fruit peels and nutshells all over the dining table and floor of the home.

The monkeys also made a mess inside the bedroom and toilets as they were searching for something to eat.

She said: "I immediately checked the security camera inside the house to see if a thief had entered, but all I saw was three monkeys.

"I had to clean up the mess they made, I hope they don't come back to steal food again."

Laksika resorted to putting a stuffed alligator toy on the window ledge in bids to scare away the primates in case they return.

She added that there were children in her house and was scared that they would get attacked by the wild animals.

The monkeys have continued to wander into the city because of the shortage of food inside the parks.

Last year, monkeys in another province Lopburi were sterilised after their numbers spiralled out of control during the coronavirus lockdown, with well-meaning locals feeding them sugary drinks.

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