‘I dressed as schoolgirl to catch paedo – then he performed vile sex act on me’

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    An ex-undercover cop recalled the time she dressed up as a schoolgirl to catch a paedophile and caught him in the act.

    Danni Brooke left the Met Police in 2013 after about 10 years of covert operations, bringing down predators and drug dealers.

    But the job came with its downsides and, appearing on the Anything Goes podcast, Brooke recalled being attacked by a high-profile predator while she was out in the field.

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    She told host James English: "There was a guy who, it was over 120 offences. He’d been committing acts of touching, and each offence was getting a little bit worse.

    "It started [with] over-clothes touching and then it was upskirts, and it was all schoolgirls."

    Brooke said the police had tried countless times to bring down the creep but had failed, so eventually decided to use her as a decoy to catch him.

    "They gave me a school uniform and they said, "Can you go and put that on?'" she recalled.

    "And for two weeks I just stood in this area where we thought he might appear."

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    Initially it seemed the operation had been a failure when, after two weeks, there was no sign of the perpetrator.

    Brooke was even told to give up and was about to start walking home when she noticed a man creeping up behind her.

    She recalled: "I went to start walking and I don’t even know why I did it but I just turned around and I saw this guy in a dark black hat, jacket, all dark clothes, and he was creeping around the corner.

    "So I started walking and I just heard [footsteps] behind me.

    "I didn’t even get to turn around and he grabbed me by the throat and pulled me to the floor and ejaculated all over me."

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    Within seconds other members of the force, who had been waiting for the man to make an appearance, jumped on him and arrested him.

    And the brave police officer even managed to catch the filthy act on camera.

    "I had a camera on my backpack and [I] caught him creeping, undoing his trousers, masturbating to the point of… he got his hands on me and he just ejaculated."

    Thanks to Brooke's work, the man was put in prison and his victims were finally given the justice they deserved.

    "I had got a letter from [one of the] victim’s mums," she said.

    "She wrote me a thank you letter saying that her daughter was no longer taking sleeping tablets and she was no longer wetting the bed."

    Brooke left the police force 10 years ago after an impressive career and has since made a number of TV appearances on the likes of ITV's This Morning and C4's Hunted.

    She also released a book, titled The Girl For The Job, in March, which saw her outline some of her most bizarre experiences throughout her time in the Met.


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