Joe Biden popularity in freefall as CNN delivers damning presentation on ailing approval

Joe Biden: Expert discusses fall in approval rating

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CNN conducted a poll asking American voters about their opinions on Joe Biden and found the majority of the electorate now dislike the US head of state. It was revealed 52 percent of respondents did not approve of Mr Biden with many voters thinking his priorities were not right. CNN went further and compared the findings to previous months during a smooth presentation on-air and clearly showed how the US President’s popularity was now in freefall.

CNN ran a poll which was conducted by SSRS between November 1 to 4 and asked a random national sample of 1,004 adults online.

The poll found 36 percent said they strongly disapprove of Mr Biden’s presidency which CNN reports was the same in April and suggested original supporters have turned their back on Mr Biden rather than an increase in his stronger critics.

Overall, however, Mr Biden saw 52 percent disapprove of him with 48 percent backing him.

When compared to previous months, Mr Biden had a disapproval rating of 41 percent in March and 49 percent in October.

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The number of people who strongly approve of Mr Biden has also dropped from 34 percent in April to 15 percent in November.

Furthermore, 58 percent of respondents did not think Mr Biden had the right priorities which voters believed were important.

CNN dived into these figures and found disapproval decreased among all voters.

Around 75 percent of Mr Biden’s Democrat supporters said he had the right priorities, a decrease from 90 percent in April.

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Independent voters also turned their nose up at Mr Biden with 36 percent saying he was focused on the right things.

This figure decreased from 52 percent in April.

Lastly, Republican supporters, who already had a negative view of Mr Biden, saw their approval on his priorities sink even lower from 11 percent in April to 9 percent in November.

The CNN poll also found 36 percent of Americans think the economy is the most pressing problem facing the country with 72 percent of that subset stating the President has not been attentive to the right issues.

It is not the only poll which suggests Mr Biden is suffering a popularity crisis with a USA Today poll finding Mr Biden’s popularity could be as low as 38 percent.

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The survey was conducted a few days prior to Mr Biden’s infrastructure bill being passed.

Mr Biden’s ailing popularity can be attributed to his withdrawal from Afghanistan, his COVID-19 handling and avoidance of the media.

The President came under worldwide criticism for his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan which allowed the Taliban to take over the country in a mere few days.

Terror attacks were also carried out near Kabul Airport will thousands desperately trying to flee the country.

Mr Biden has also held very few press conferences since taking office and saw an official White House correspondent complaint lodged against him when reporters were denied asking him questions in the Oval Office.

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