Meghan and Kate beaten to ‘most beautiful royal smile’ – as Beatrice takes crown

Neither Kate Middleton nor Meghan Markle have the most beautiful smile in the royal family, a shock study found.

Dentists at commissioned the poll to find the royal with the pearliest whites.

The study found Princess Beatrice is the people's favourite.

The 33-year-old had a baby just days ago, her first with husband Edo Mapelli.

Beatrice's first daughter was born on September 18.

Prince Harry, the Queen, Prince Edward and Prince Charles were also snubbed by voters.

Beatrice scored a whopping 9.09/10 for the so-called 'golden ratio' of her smile and the whiteness of her teeth.

In second place with a stellar 7.27 was Princess Eugenie.

Meghan beat Kate to the bronze with a 6.82, compared to the Duchess of Cambridge's disappointing 5.91.

Unsurprisingly Prince Charles scored poorly in the survey with just 4.09/10.

The future king was famously the butt of a Simpsons joke about his teeth, appearing on the cover of a joke book cataloguing the best "British smiles".

Queen Elizabeth II came in ninth with a weak score of 2.72/10.

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Last place was held by Prince Edward, who got a measly 1.36.

The surprising results followed a study into the royals' golden ratio – a mythical term to describe the symmetry of one's facial features.

The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London found Meghan come out on top, with an 98.5 percent symmetry rate.

That was better than Kate's 87.7 percent.

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