Mystery as aspiring actress, 28, found dead in flat with door locked from inside

An aspiring actress has mysteriously been found dead inside her home with the door locked from the inside, reports say.

Sukriye Bulgurcu, 28, was found lifeless in the district of Kucukcekmece in north-western Istanbul, Turkey, on April 2.

Worried friends of the budding performer broke down the door to her home after not hearing from her.

The door of the flat was reportedly locked from the inside and there was no evidence of any intruders or a struggle, according to the report of local news site Hurriyet.

This showed that there was nobody other than Sukriye in the house. Also, there was no sign of fighting in the flat.

Police reportedly found that there were no bruises or wounds on Sukriye's body.

Investigators from the District Police Department and the Public Security Branch said no drugs or paraphernalia were found in the residence either.

But her death is being treated as "suspicious" pending the results of a detailed autopsy.

Local media quoted some of her friends claiming the young woman could have been "poisoned" in cryptic social media posts.

They suggested Sukriye may have fallen ill after eating food she ordered the evening before she died.

Sukriye, originally from Hatay, left her hometown to pursue her acting career in Istanbul in 2013.

She attended the prestigious Mujdat Gezen Theater Center, regarded as one of Turkey's most reputable theatre schools, after graduating from the Kadir Has University with a Film and Television Department degree.

Her death has shaken the tight-knit community where she was born.

Sukriye was returned to Hatay and buried in the Antakya Asri Cemetery on Sunday amongst her grief-stricken family and friends.

Her heartbroken mother, Nadire Bulgu, reportedly struggled to stand at the burial.

The aspiring starlet regularly shared incredible images of her life to her Instagram page, as well as paying homage to cinematic classics such as Scarface.

She is survived by three siblings and her parents.

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Reports in Turkey last month said a twisted dad allegedly hugged and kissed his son before strangling him, as the child told him “Daddy, I’m sorry”.

Ismail Kilincer, 32, carried out the attack on Huseyin, 10, in the district of Karatay in the Turkish province of Konya at around 7pm on March 8, police claim.

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Kilincer reportedly told police: “I told my son that I was going to kill him. I apologised to my son, and hugged and kissed him."

At this point, the child looked at his alleged killer and said: “Daddy, I’m sorry too.”

Kilincer said he sat on Huseyin’s legs and strangled him with his bare hands, it is claimed.

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