'Neighbour from hell' still living in dirty caravans on her drive so she can rent £170k home after 2 years of complaints

FUMING families claim their "neighbour from hell" is still living in dirty caravans on her drive so she can rent out her home – two years after they first complained.

Lillie Goddard has allegedly been using the static homes as add-ons to her £170,000 detached property while charging tenants for rooms in the main house.

After years of protests against her turning the residential street into a "traveller camp", Lillie was ordered to move off her front lawn.

She eventually shifted the "monstrosity" of a shipping container, being used as a makeshift extension, in June 2021.

But six months later, residents claim Lillie is still living outside and up to her old tricks – and The Sun witnessed two me going into the Swindon property, one confirming that he lived there.

One resident, 79, who lives in an adjoining road, said: "It's a disgrace, she doesn’t care about anybody else in the street except for herself.

"I think she lives in cloud cuckoo land some days, it’s like she thinks the council will never actually do anything to deal with her."

Lillie allegedly moved into the caravan with her elderly mother to "do up the house" in 2019.

But locals claim there is "no sign of any work being done" and the pair have lived there, making mounds of mess, ever since.

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "Yes, she’s tidied up the garden like she was asked in the injunction, but the place looks a mess from the outside, imagine what it looks like inside.

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"I see people coming and going all the time. If we didn’t know about the history, we’d be quite concerned about what all these people are doing.

"I just want it all sorted out. I want her to sort the garden out and remove the caravans. It's been years."

Another local resident, who has been campaigning to have the Loxley Walk address cleaned up and the caravans removed, has also had enough of the "mess".

Jo Wilson, 51, said: "It’s frustrating because nothing has happened since the container was removed in June even though I have been emailing the council evidence constantly. 

"She still living in the static caravan with her mother and until recently, she had the same three lodgers. 

"One moved out and on Christmas Day, she had a new lodger move in.

"He turned up with a van full of stuff including a sofa. Another one moved in over the Christmas period too – so that’s two new lodgers."


Jo claims the council has been round to do "checks" – but they tell Lillie when they will be there so she "moves loads of things like mattresses and beds" in preparation.

"I told asked the council how they can be so stupid to tip her off that they’re coming when they are meant to be investigating it," she added.

It is not known how many people are renting rooms in the main house, but any more than three – not from the same family – would require a house in multiple occupation licence.

This allows landlords to legally let out rooms to people in a "house share" situation – but they must be suitable for the number of occupants and be considered "fit and proper".

Renting out rooms or properties without this permission can result in an unlimited fine.

Jo, a member of the Eyesore of Loxley Walk Facebook group who lives opposite the house, added: "The council always comes back with that there is no evidence it’s an illegal HMO and the number of people in there is allowed.

"[Lillie] obviously knows the rules and regulations, and the loopholes, but I just want the caravans gone, it’s a mess."

I've lived here all my life, 55 years and I've never seen anything like it before.

Fellow disgruntled neighbour Tracy Bernasconi previously described the set-up as "like a travellers' camp".

"It looks disgusting," she added. "It's not normal or right."

"I've lived here all my life, 55 years and I've never seen anything like it before. There's a disgraceful mess piling up."

Lillie was unavailable for comment, though she did tell the Swindon Advertiser she has spent four months looking for someone to store the caravans.

Swindon Borough Council could also not provide one at this time, but a spokesperson said in September: "We will take any necessary action to make sure the area is kept clean and clear."

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