Prisoner compares ‘rat-infested’ jail stay to being held in ‘concentration camp’

A man has compared his time in prison to being in "a concentration camp", claiming that rats would scuttle through his cell and prison officers told him they would "make his life hell".

Luke Hudson, 32, from Barnsley, served a three-month sentence at both HMP Hull and HMP Humber before he was released last month.

Shortly after arriving at HMP Hull at the end of May, Luke claims he had rats that were "seven or eight inches long" running around his cell, YorkshireLive reports.

In response, a spokesperson for the Prison Service said inspections on the prison found no evidence of rats and "no wrongdoing" after an investigation into staff behaviour was carried out.

However, a source at the prison told Daily Star: "At HMP Hull we are aware it’s a Victorian building, and prisoners throw both food and rubbish out their windows which attracts vermin such as rats.

"They are advised by staff not to do this, but do not listen.

"To describe it as a concentration camp is offensive. Staff have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to ensure the prison is safe and that all prisoners get some sort of regime under Covid restrictions, and the ungratefulness of comments like that often makes us second guess why we do what we do."

Luke claimed he saw rats running around during the day then heard them at night outside his prison window.

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"I was on the top bunk, but I was just thinking they can climb," he said. "I didn’t want an incontinent rat or a mouse weeing and pooing all over me while I'm asleep.

"Surely this shouldn’t be happening in the 21st century? The only way I can explain HMP Hull is it’s like a concentration camp."

Luke claimed he informed prison staff about the situation, but alleged his complaints were brushed aside.

He said: "All I got out of them was: ‘What do you want? A five-star hotel?’."

Halfway through his sentence for assaulting a police officer, Luke was transferred 18 miles west to HMP Humber.

Here, he claims he was threatened by a member of staff who stormed into his cell. The Prison Service denies this.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: "All complaints by prisoners are taken seriously. These alleged incidents were investigated thoroughly and no wrongdoing was found."

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