What football team does Boris Johnson support?

BORIS Johnson has given the idea of a European Super League both barrels, saying he would give the “ludicrous plan a straight red”.

He’s a declared football fan but doesn’t seem to follow any one particular club.

What football team does Boris Johnson support?

The Prime Minister is a well-known rugby fan but he is also a supporter of football and has passionately defended the game following the proposal by a small number of Premier League clubs to form a European Super League along with clubs in Spain and Italy.

Boris Johnson has never stated he supports one particular football team.

When he was London mayor in 2015 he was asked about his football allegiance but gave a non-committal answer.

He told reporters he supported "all of the London teams", refusing to name one.

He defended club football in light of the Super League announcement in a comment piece for The Sun.

He wrote: “You don’t need to be an expert to horrified at the prospect of the so-called 'Super League' being cooked up by a small number of clubs.

“You only need a pulse to know that football is not a brand or a product. In fact it’s so much more than even a sport.

“Football clubs in every town and city and at every tier of the pyramid have a unique place at the heart of their communities, and are an unrivalled source of passionate local pride.

He added: “It is your game – and you can rest assured that I’m going to do everything I can to give this ludicrous plan a straight red.”

Does Boris Johnson like football?

Johnson has more interest in national football and has attended England matches in the past.

He certainly enjoys a kickabout even though he has admitted to not being an expert.

His skills on the pitch though leave much to be desired.

During a charity football match in 2006 he famously rugby-tackled the former German international player Maurizio Gaudino.

What football teams do previous prime ministers support?

Harold Wilson – Huddersfield Town

Edward Heath – Burnley

James Callaghan – appears to have been ambivalent about football, preferred rugby

Margaret Thatcher – didn’t have an interest in the game

John Major – Chelsea

Tony Blair – Newcastle United

Gordon Brown – Raith Rovers

David Cameron – Aston Villa

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