Artist creates portrait tribute to King Charles with Marmite and slices of toast

An artist has paid tribute to the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III by using Marmite and 42 slices of toast.

The love it or hate it spread was used to create the figurehead of the Royal Family in all his toasty glory, with the King of England spread across the bread.

Nathan Wyburn, the Marmite-loving artist behind the latest food-related tribute to King Charles, has spoken on the two hour session taken to make up the portrait.

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Raising a toast to the King in a new way entirely, Nathan "jumped at the chance" to make up the King with slices of bread and divisive sandwich spread.

Artist Nathan said: "I have created a number of portraits in my time, which include other members of the Royal Family.

"So, when I found out that King Charles was a Marmite fan and was approached by the brand to create a portrait in his honour, I jumped at the chance!

"It was a huge privilege to be able to celebrate this historic moment in British history with such an iconic British brand, creating a piece of art specially commissioned by Marmite!"

Nathan even devoured a bit of his Kingly creation after the photos were taken, with some precision knife skills used to bring out the likeness of King Charles.

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It is not the only foodie tribute to the King of England, with a bust made up of melted Celebrations chocolate offered up to pay tribute ahead of the Coronation.

The Daily Star previously reported Chocolate Charles had taken Twitter by storm, although not everyone was best pleased with the use of 17 litres of sweet treats.

Thankfully Nathan's food-based portrait does not resemble The Head from Art Attack like the chocolatey predecessor.

Marmite Brand Manager Annabelle Terry said: "Having seen some of the incredible work Nathan has done over the years, and knowing he, too, is a Marmite lover, there seems no better way to raise a toast to the new King."

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