German shepherd’s wholesome reaction to cat licking his face melts hearts

A German shepherd has melted hearts with his adorable reaction to an affectionate cat licking his face.

The breed of clever and loyal pooches are often winning people over with their weird ways of cuddling the ambitious way they play fetch.

In the clip, uploaded on Reddit by u/ChanceTomorrowDance on Sunday (October 31) the orange tabby cat is grooming the dog around his chops.

The German shepherd is trying to sleep on the sofa but is startled by the cat's attention and stops and stares at the invader of his personal space.

He then returns the favour and licks the cat on the face, and while the kitty is happy to dish it out she is shocked when she is slobbered on with saliva herself and backs off.

The cat takes a moment to recover and then returns to licking her own paws.

Since it was uploaded on Reddit, the cute video has made an impression on viewers and one joked: "That look at the end was like, 'What the heck is going on with this cat licking me?'"

The dog's owner explained in the comments: "He is VERY patient with the new kitten!"

This comes after a smart German shepherd was praised for how he put out a fire started by a man discarding a lit cigarette.

In security camera footage, the pooch, called Nuomi, spots the man start the fire and barks at him like he's telling him off.

Then he grabs a hose, turns on the tap, and puts the fire out.

Nuomi's owner wrote in the post: "Everyone must pay attention to fire safety and please don't throw cigarette butts around.

"If it wasn't for the fire training given to Nuomi at the factory before, we would have lost more than one bin this time."

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