Moment swearing DPD driver hurls packages from van before being SACKED

Moment a swearing DPD driver hurls packages marked ‘fragile’ from his van before being SACKED

  • A delivery driver threw the packages onto the road while shouting and swearing 
  • Ann Betteridge, 45, said the driver did not give her the package she ordered 
  • She said the driver yelled furiously about his deliveries before driving off
  • DPD said the incident was ‘unacceptable’ and that the driver had been sacked  

A delivery driver has been sacked for shouting and swearing at a woman as he threw parcels out of his van and onto the street while trying to find hers.

Shocking footage shows the DPD driver in Lincolnshire cursing and lobbing fragile items from the van as he was making a delivery.

Horrified Anne Betteridge, 45, filmed the footage after she popped outside her house to pick up an order of clothes on July 21.

The full-time carer said the driver failed to give her what she had ordered and insisted he would come back later during an angry rant, but failed to return.

Anne filmed the DPD driver who had arrived to deliver the clothes she ordered while he was swearing and ranting

He left a pile of the packages on the street – some of them marked ‘fragile’ – while he kept searching through his van 

Anne said: ‘I went outside to meet him – but then he started throwing parcels out of the van.

‘At first it didn’t bother me, I had just ordered clothes and the other stuff didn’t look breakable. I started laughing.

‘But then he threw this box and you could hear it rattle and I noticed it said ‘fragile’ on it. I just thought, ‘What is going on?’  

The video shows the angry driver flinging packages around and and mumbling to himself.

He said: ‘I’m going to have a heart attack. F*****g hundreds, I’ve got 110 in here.’

Anne says he then gave up searching and drove off, saying he would come back later but failed to do so.

She said: ‘I am never using DPD again. It was really unprofessional. He just drove off – and he seemed kind of annoyed. I’m not even annoyed, I’m just baffled.’

Anne said she was ‘baffled’ by the driver’s behaviour as he started grabbing and throwing parcels 

A spokesperson for DPD said: ‘We were already aware of this incident last week and can confirm that the driver was immediately removed from the business on return to the depot.

‘The behaviour here was completely unacceptable and does not in any way reflect the service our drivers provide to customers millions of times a week, up and down the country.

‘We would like to reassure everyone that we never tolerate poor service like this.’

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