Uncle of Ashli Babbitt who was shot at Capitol riot says she was unarmed and family are too heartbroken to watch footage

THE uncle of the Air Force Veteran shot in the Capitol riot in DC says she would never hurt anybody and their family are “too heartbroken” to watch graphic footage of her death, The Sun can exclusively report.

Ashli Babbitt, 35, was seen in disturbing footage being gunned down by police after trying to climb through a broken window and enter the Chamber as chaos erupted in Washington on Wednesday.

Fighting back tears, Ashli’s uncle, Mike Mazziott, told The US Sun: “She loved her country, she wasn't trying to hurt anybody.

“She was trying to improve our country and get her voice heard with like-minded people.

"I found out when my sister, Ashli’s mom, called me.

“My sister is a total train wreck, I can’t even describe how bad she is right now.

“We haven’t looked at any of the footage, it’s too heartbreaking. 

“She wouldn’t have been armed, she was a protester with a flag.

“I can see her yelling but I don’t see her breaking s*** or trying to hurt people. 

"She was not that type of person."

He added: “I’m in shock, I just can’t believe it.

“The whole family were so proud of her. She believed in Trump and our democracy."

Ashli is one of four people who died after a night of carnage in Washington.

Before her death, she claimed social media there were more than three million rioters marching alongside her.

Bombs, Molotov cocktails and guns were discovered all over the Capitol area after the siege which saw pro-Trump rioters storming the building in a bid to stop Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

Mazziott, 57, said he wants Ashli to be remembered as a “nice person” and a “patriot who loved her country” as her family face a backlash with internet trolls branding her a “terrorist”.

Her death was confirmed by her husband of one year, Aaron, and the couple resided in San Diego, California, where she was born and raised and ran a pool company.

He reportedly sent Ashli a text message during the protests asking for a “status check” but did not hear back from her afterwards.

“Aaron is dealing with it his own way, he has stayed here and not gone to DC because we have the business to run," her uncle said.

“We actually know someone who works with the Capitol Police who is a K9 handler and that person got in touch with us."

“She wasn’t at all worried about going on the demonstration, she was going to be with her friends who live there and I’m sure they didn’t think it was going to escalate like that. 

“They just wanted to make their voice heard as Americans. 

“I know my niece is very tenacious but I don’t see her being stupid enough to get gunned down for protesting.

“It could have happened to anyone else there, it’s devastating."

The woman's family say she moved away and served four tours with the US Air Force, working as a high level security official throughout her 14 years in service.

“She was caring and passionate about everything she did," Mazziott said.

“She had told us at the office at Fowler’s Pool Service which she ran and I work at that she was going to Washington DC to be there for Trump. 

“She was the chief executive officer at the business, she purchased it."

Photographs obtained by The Sun show a clear message on the front door of her office, reading: "Mask free autonomous zone. Better known as America.

"Through these doors, the only thing that should be touching your lips is an ice-cold beer or some pizza."

Her uncle said Ashli's dream for the future was to grow her family business, explaining: "She was very tenacious about it, she bought the business and it had to be the best. 

“I don’t think she had kids planned in the near future, she was more about the business."

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